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Invited Chairs

The Invited Chairs Programme was established by FCT to strengthen links between research centres and business partners, involving co-funding by FCT (25%) and a private corporation (75%).

Invited Chairs are established for a period up to three years, and they can be either junior (120k€/year) or senior chairs (180k€/year). This funding mechanism provides an ideal link to provide a setting for the development of problem-driven research, in close collaboration with stakeholders, and thus the dissemination of and exploitation research and innovation with high commercial and/or societal value. CIBIO has been one of the most successful research centres in Portugal regarding the creation of these invited chairs, which have involved until now 3 chairs with major Portuguese corporations (EDP, REN and REFER/IP).

Building on this success, during the development of the BIOPOLIS proposal negotiations have been started with a number of additional national and international corporations  that demonstrated their interest in joining the Invited Chairs Programme.

Affiliates Program

The Affiliates Program is a new setting for learning, collaborating and networking with our research centre and in this way address challenges in the areas of environment, agriculture, biodiversity and nature conservation.

Joining the Affiliates Program is an attractive way to support our centre’s mission, while gaining access to networking and training activities, early access to information on our research, and facilitated access to use our facilities and technical services (sequencing, consulting, etc…), as well as a streamlined way of collaborating with us in a new research program of your choice.

The Affiliates Program is structured into four forms of commitment, that each provide a distinct set of benefits, and is open to different kind of entities, being particularly interesting for small and large commercial companies, operating in all fields, and for public administration.
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