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Renowned conservationist, Professor Brian Huntley, rewarded honorary degree for his dedicated work in Africa


Professor Brian J. Huntley, a distinguished conservationist with over five decades of expertise in research and practice across Africa, was recently awarded the prestigious honorary doctorate (honoris causa) by the University of Cape Town. This recognition stands as a testament to his unparalleled contributions to conservation efforts in southern Africa, where he has been pivotal in the development of scientific institutions and research capacity. 

Professor Huntley has been active in numerous African countries, with a particular passion for Lusophone Africa. Beginning his professional journey in Angola in 1971, he has since pioneered major interdisciplinary research collaborations and contributed to the successful implementation of projects aimed at safeguarding biodiversity and fostering sustainable development. As the former CEO of South Africa’s National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) he played a significant role in shaping the institution into a premier center of excellence in biodiversity research and conservation. He has authored and edited twelve seminal books on diverse facets of ecology and biodiversity conservation, including Angolan Biodiversity: Towards a Modern SynthesisStrategic Opportunism: What Works in Africa, Twelve Fundamentals for Conservation Success; and his latest work, Ecology of Angola: Terrestrial Biomes and Ecoregions, with a Portuguese edition currently in progress. Beyond academia, Huntley has provided invaluable expertise to conservation projects across Africa for several international organizations and United Nations agencies.

Professor Huntley continues to be actively involved as a guest researcher at CIBIO, further enhancing close collaborations with conservation initiatives in Lusophone Africa and beyond.

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