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Outdoor First Aid certification + Workshop Basics of field expeditions

May 22nd, 2024
BIOPOLIS-CIBIO, Vairão, Portugal (Face-to-face)

22 - 24 May 2024

The Outdoor First Aid course and certification is designed for anyone working outdoors and specially people working in remote locations where getting immediate assistance is unlikely. This course will be provided by qualified instructors based in UK with several years of experience and has been designed for instructors, teachers and group leaders working in remote areas or outdoor locations. It is also suitable for people travelling or working in remote locations. The 2-Day Outdoor First Aid course goes beyond the recommendations of the HSE 2-Day Outdoor First Aid course, and the certificate is valid for 3 years. This course is very practical and uses a scenario training to reinforce learning which builds real confidence and empowers candidates to act when emergencies arise.

The workshop on the Basics of field expeditions will consist of talks on the planning, organisation, and management of expeditions to remote areas in different environments, including deserts, tropical forest, mountains, and others. We will present and discuss adequate protocols and tasks for the before, during and after the expedition. This will be a good opportunity for participants to get input on their expedition plans and engage on discussions about team, operations, and emergency management. 


Outdoor First Aid (16 hours)

Day 01 | May 22, 2024 (8 hours)
● What is outdoor first aid?
● Responsibilities of the first aider
● First Aid Equipment
● Priorities of treatment
● Summoning help
● Environmental factors
● Primary assessment
● Secondary assessment
● Resuscitation techniques

Day 02 | May 23, 2024 (8 hours)
● Moving a casualty
● Heart attack
● The use of AED Machines
● Shock (including Anaphylaxis)
● Fractures and spinal injuries
● Head injuries
● Choking
● Bleeding/bandaging
● Eye injuries
● Poisoning
● Chest injuries
● Abdominal injuries
● Sprains and strains
● Asthma
● Diabetes
● Hypothermia
● Frostbite
● Heat exhaustion
● Bites and stings
● Minor injuries
● Burns
● Epilepsy
● Scenarios
● Basic hygiene in First Aid

Basics of field expeditions (8 hours)

Day 03 | May 24, 2024
Morning: Selected talks
● [To be decided] (David Montgomery)
● Deserts and Overlanding Expeditions (Duarte Gonçalves)
● Tropical forest and Base-camp Expeditions (Patrícia Guedes)
● Mountains and Autonomy Expeditions (Cândida Vale)
● Marine and vessel-based Expeditions (Nair Vilas-Arrondo)

Afternoon: Group discussion and exercises 
(Laura Najera-Cortazar and Bárbara Santos)
● From funding to reporting: preparation and logistics
● Planning your expedition – group exercises
● Emergency situations – group exercises 

Indie Lyndale (MEd, PGCE, BSc, IML)
Indie has built her entire career around her passion for the outdoors and first aid instruction. She has more than 30 years of experience working outdoors, including 10 years running a winter sports business in the Alps, working as an International Mountain Leader, leading snow-shoeing expeditions, college lecturing, and more. She continues to run a children's summer camp in Devon, UK, which focuses on outdoor adventures for under 16's, and was the first female President of the Union of International Mountain Leaders Association (UIMLA). After teaching first aid for many years, Indie founded First Aid Education LTD in 2016. Using her knowledge and expertise, she has built a fantastic reputation for first aid courses suitable for all types of remote environments. She offers a very hands-on learning style, using scenario lead training to embed skills, making the sessions practical and fun.  

Andrea Sifleet
Andrea is an outdoor education enthusiast, with over 30 years experience of instructing groups in activities such as advanced dinghy sailing, mountain leading, climbing and caving. She brings a wealth of personal experience to her teaching, with practical and lively anecdotes from her years working in the outdoors. First aid has been a backbone to her career, having also worked many years in the care industry, and setting up her own residential facilities for adults with learning difficulties.

Laura Najera-Cortazar | BIOPOLIS/CIBIO – APPLECOL 
Nair Vilas-Arrondo | IIM-CSIC – ERM; CIIMAR – AEE
David Montgomery (tentative) | BIOPOLIS/CIBIO – LACOS21

The course will be open to a maximum of 20 participants. 
50% of slots are reserved for BIODIV students (PhD in Biodiversity, Genetic & Evolution- FCUP). 

Priority will be given to:
• Researchers and students leading field expeditions in remote locations
• Researcher and students that work frequently in the field
• Other students and researchers.

Registration fees do not include accommodation or meals.

Outdoor First Aid certification - 22 - 23 May 2024
150€ (students) | 250€ (researchers and other participants)
Registration is free of charge for CIBIO-BIOPOLIS Members (to be confirmed by the administrative services)

Workshop Basics of field expeditions - May 24, 2024
Workshop: 50€

It is highly recommended that you register for both modules (workshop and First Aid), as they have priority for acceptance.

Participants will be evaluated before obtaining the certification of the 16-hour Outdoor 1st Aid, valid for 3 years. Participation in the workshop will warrant a certificate of attendance without quantitative evaluation. No ECTS credits are awarded for attending the courses. 

Application deadline: April 08, 2024

To apply, please fill the form available HERE

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