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CIBIO-InBIO´s Director, Nuno Ferrand, was present at the European Commission event "Research and Innovation Days” for the signature ceremony of BIOPOLIS Teaming project. 
On 24-26 September the Directorate General for Research and Innovation organized the Research and Innovation days at Kanaal centre in Brussels, an event fully dedicated to R&I. During this event a special attention was given to the newly selected Teaming 2 projects. In the morning of the September 24, project´s coordinators had the chance to meet with Mr Jean-Eric Paquet, Director General of DG RTD, where a symbolic ceremony for projects signature took place.

CIBIO-InBIO´s director and BIOPOLIS coordinator Nuno Ferrand, and Pierre Boursot from University of Montpellier, partner of BIOPOLIS project, were present for the certificate signature. During the afternoon, in the conference session 'Bridging, Widening, Sharing: let's Advance Europe together' all the Teaming 2 projects representatives were called on stage and greeted by Commissioner Carlos Moedas, who presented the Teaming projects to the audience.

BIOPOLIS Teaming project joins CIBIO-InBIO to the University of Montpellier and Porto Business School, along with other actors from public and private institutions (policy makers, universities, research centres, companies and the civil society) for the development of a research centre of excellence in environmental biology, ecosystems and agrobiodiversity. BIOPOLIS was approved by the European Commission under the scope of Horizon 2020 Widening programme. It has an overall budget of about 100 M€ funded by the European Commission, national structural funds and private partners, representing the largest funding ever given to a research center in Portugal.

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